Make an Impact

Communicate Your Commitment

Let current and prospective clients, partners, and employees know you’ve committed to a Culture of CARE.

Access draft emails, sample social media messages, and images to add your social media profiles, email signatures and company websites.

Hard Hat Stickers

We have developed unique Culture of CARE hardhat sticker artwork for your company to print and publicize your commitment on job sites. We suggest stickermule or a similar printing website to fulfill your production needs.


Job Site Posters

Print and post Culture of CARE posters in your office and around your project sites to reinforce your commitment to a Culture of CARE.


Evaluate Your Culture

Take the Diversity & Inclusion Assessment

The Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Assessment is an online tool developed specifically for firms in the construction industry to measure and improve the management of their current diversity & inclusion programs, policies, and practices. Your company will be asked to answer performance-based questions in four key areas of diversity and inclusion:

• Workplace
• Workforce
• Vendors (Subcontractors/Suppliers)
• Community

Unsure of how to use the Diversity & Inclusion Assessment?

Listen to this webinar recording titled, “Using the Diversity & Inclusion Assessment to Drive Your Strategic Efforts” to learn more about the Diversity & Inclusion Assessment, how to utilize key features of the platform, and leverage your company’s results to drive your strategic diversity & inclusion efforts forward.

Upon completion of the Assessment, companies will be able to analyze results, measure progress, and download best practice resources to expand D&I efforts. As the Assessment becomes widely used, companies will also be able to benchmark their practices against other construction firms. For more information about the Assessment, please read the FAQ’s.

Access to the D&I Assessment is 100% free for AGC members. Non-members take the Assessment for free, but must purchase access to the benchmarking results and best practices for $325 via the AGC Store.

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Survey Your Employees

Committing to a Culture of CARE means creating a culture of inclusion and belonging for every employee at your company. Employees who have a sense of belonging at work feel more engaged and more confident, translating into higher productivity, greater ownership in the company and increased retention. Use these sample survey questions to conduct an employee inclusion and belonging survey at your company.

Review & Update Company Policies


Culture of CARE’s Guide for Making Better Decisions is intended to help companies, teams and individuals make more informed and better decisions by aligning your decision-making processes with your company’s stated commitment to a Culture of CARE.

Download Model HR Policy

Adopt or choose key elements of Culture of CARE’s model policy to add to your existing policy, either to fill gaps or better articulate your goals.

Download 20 HR Best Practices for Diversity in Construction

Culture of CARE’s HR Best Practices will give your company a roadmap of where and how to start implementing HR policies that will advance your diversity & inclusion goals.

Download Supplier Diversity Template

Use this template as a guide to establish a formal supplier diversity program.

Educate and Train

culture of care Job SIte video

The Culture of CARE Job Site video was developed for companies to utilize with field staff and trade partners during a project kickoff and/or as part of new employee onboarding to ensure all workers on the construction site understand what Culture of CARE means.

The video is broken into 5 modules, with questions at the end of each module for further discussion. The modules include:

  • Culture of CARE Overview
  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • LGBTQ+ Discrimination
  • Generation Gap

culture of care Webinar Series (Recorded)

From Pledge to Progress: Navigating the Journey to a Culture of CARE in Construction

Sponsored by Procore

This engaging four-part webinar series dives into AGC’s Culture of CARE program, exploring a unique theme in each of the four webinars. Join us as we look at Culture of CARE through the lenses of commitment & accountability, belonging, supplier diversity and workplace culture and how each of these themes contributes to fostering an inclusive workplace environment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights and practical approaches to elevate your organization’s commitment to a Culture of CARE.

Racism Toolkit

This toolkit includes a series of toolbox talks and a corresponding discussion guide to help companies have authentic conversations related to racism in the workplace. The toolbox talks are designed to guide the conversation through four key areas:

• Understanding Race and Racism
• Risk of Racism in Construction
• Inclusion as a Key Component of Safety Culture
• Deterring Racism in the Workplace

Sexism Toolkit

This toolkit includes a series of toolbox talks and a corresponding discussion guide to help companies have authentic conversations related to sexism in the workplace. The toolbox talks are designed to guide the conversation through three key areas:

• Understanding Sexism
• Risk of Sexism in Construction
• Interrupting Sexism in the Construction Workplace

AGC’s Harassment DVD

Short enough to be presented during an on-the-job toolbox session. The DVD includes seven video vignettes that address issues such as sexual assault (including sexual orientation and transgender status), age harassment, gender harassment (including family responsibilities), racial harassment, and religious harassment.

AGC Member price: $199

Culture of CARE Toolbox Talks

Maintain ongoing dialogue about Culture of CARE by utilizing the toolbox talks below.

Find Diversity & Inclusion Consultants

Equipping your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective Culture of CARE champions, allies and advocates is critical to building and maintaining an inclusive culture. Use this database to find a consultant to educate your employees on different diversity & inclusion-related topics.

Create A Culture of Belonging

What is belonging? It is the feeling of being accepted and included by those around you. Having a sense of belonging leads to higher overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Use the teambuilding activities below as a way to get to know your colleagues and build a greater sense of belonging amongst your team.

Find State and Local Resources

Click on the map below to find resources specific to your state.

Pinch and zoom on mobile.

If you don’t see your state represented check back later. We are continuing to add more resources regularly.

Apply For AGC's Diversity & Inclusion Awards

Applications for the 2025 Awards Season are now open!

As part of AGC’s ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the construction industry, the AGC Diversity & Inclusion Awards program – sponsored by WTW – recognizes companies that share AGC’s commitment. AGC has two diversity & inclusion awards opportunities for companies to get recognized. For more information about the awards program, click here.

Diverse Business of the Year

AGC seeks to honor a diverse business that is committed to achieving business success in the construction industry. The Diverse Business of the Year award is geared towards general or specialty contractors that hold a certification recognized by a certifying agency. The Diverse Business of the Year award winner will be able to demonstrate strong vision and leadership in overcoming obstacles that lead to business results; a reputation for professionalism and integrity in work standards and performance; and a commitment to service in their community.

Diversity & Inclusion Awards

The AGC Diversity & Inclusion Excellence awards honor AGC members that are champions in advancing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion within their workforce, supply chain and in the communities they serve.  By showcasing and recognizing best practices from companies that are developing and delivering diversity and inclusion initiatives with demonstrable success, award winners have the opportunity to share their track record of achievement and commitment.