Make an Impact

Communicate Your Commitment

Let current and prospective clients, partners, and employees know you’ve committed to a Culture of CARE.

Hard Hat Stickers

We have developed unique Culture of CARE hardhat sticker artwork for your company to print and publicize your commitment on job sites. We suggest stickermule or a similar printing website to fulfill your production needs.


Job Site Posters

Print and post Culture of CARE posters in your office and around your project sites to reinforce your commitment to a Culture of CARE.

Review & Update Company Policies

Download Model HR Policy

Adopt or choose key elements of Culture of CARE’s model policy to add to your existing policy, either to fill gaps or better articulate your goals.

Download 20 HR Best Practices for Diversity in Construction

Culture of CARE’s HR Best Practices will give your company a roadmap of where and how to start implementing HR policies that will advance your diversity & inclusion goals.

Educate and Train

Racism in the Workplace

This toolkit includes a series of toolbox talks and a corresponding discussion guide to help companies have authentic conversations related to racism in the workplace. The toolbox talks are designed to guide the conversation through four key areas:

• Understanding Race and Racism
• Risk of Racism in Construction
• Inclusion as a Key Component of Safety Culture
• Deterring Racism in the Workplace

AGC’s Harassment DVD

Short enough to be presented during an on-the-job toolbox session. The DVD includes seven video vignettes that address issues such as sexual assault (including sexual orientation and transgender status), age harassment, gender harassment (including family responsibilities), racial harassment, and religious harassment.

AGC Member price: $199


Equiping your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to be effective Culture of CARE champions, allies and advocates is critical to building and maintaining an inclusive culture. A Culture of CARE training database is under development. Check back later for more details.

Conduct Implicit Bias / Diversity & Inclusion Training

AGC has compiled a number of resources to help you begin the conversation around diversity, inclusion and implicit or unconscious bias.

Harvard Implicit Association Test
Introduction to Unconscious Bias
Managing Unconscious Bias
Kirwin Institute Implicit Bias Training
What Does My Headscarf Mean to You? TEDx
White Men: Time to Discover Your Cultural Blind Spots TEDx

Culture of CARE During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of fear and uncertainty for everyone. Don’t let fear erode your company culture. Access the resources below to help you retain a culture of inclusiveness, show your employees you care about their mental and emotional wellbeing and provide them access to resources for dealing with stress and anxiety related to COVID-19.


Tips for Maintaining a CULTURE of CARE During COVID-19

In order to maintain the progress companies have made towards creating more inclusive workplaces, now more than ever it is important to reinforce your company values and ensure employees feel like they belong.

Find State and Local Resources

Click on the map below to find resources specific to your state.

Pinch and zoom on mobile.

If you don’t see your state represented check back later. We are continuing to add more resources regularly.

Apply For A Diversity & Inclusion Excellence Award

The Diversity & Inclusion Excellence Awards recognize construction companies that are leading the way in championing diversity and inclusion efforts. Applications are open July-October.