How to Create a Culture of CARE – Part 4


July 1, 2024

Empowering employees and fostering a sense of belonging and purpose in the workplace will gain even more prominence in 2024, especially for leaders who want to drive their businesses forward. Workers are expecting their job to provide meaning and make a difference in society. By taking a human-centered approach with Culture of CARE, companies will create more opportunities for employee engagement and allow people to champion efforts that are meaningful to them, thereby creating an inclusive work environment where both staff and projects thrive.

Throughout this series we continue to highlight why each pillar of the AGC Culture of CARE pledge matters to the construction industry. In reflecting on this final article, we want you to pause and write down WHY this matters to your company, to a current project and to you personally. Once you have this written, you will be ready to read the tips shared from Impact Champions who have empowered their employees through a Culture of CARE. Read More….

How to Create a Culture of CARE – Part 3


May 1, 2024

Retaining loyal employees is a top priority for the construction industry. While there is no way to avoid the talent cliff, companies who invest in increasing employee engagement are able to offset the costs of recruitment and disruption when there is a loss of talent.

Studies show that the cost to retain a current employee is significantly lower than the cost to hire and train a new employee. Therefore, retaining and increasing the number of loyal employees is not only cost-effective but also contributes to a more stable and productive workforce, which is vital for long-term success.

In part two of this series, we discussed best practices related to showing living out the “A” in Culture of CARE, attracting talent by creating inclusive workplaces. Three themes we learned from Impact Champions who have taken the Culture of CARE pledged were as follows; 1.) Activate CARE for current employees, 2.) Evaluate where to access diverse talent, and 3.) Build authentic and sustainable relationships.

In part three of our series, we will explore how Impact Champions, (this refers to AGC members who have taken the Culture of CARE pledge), use CARE to retain top talent. Read More….

How to Create a Culture of CARE – Part 2


March 1, 2024

Attracting talent continues to plague the construction industry with workforce shortages anticipated to intensify over the next five years. FMI’s 2023 Talent Study found 93% of respondents reported difficulties hiring qualified talent, with more than half citing severely being impacted by talent shortages.

Additionally, AGC of America’s 2023 Annual Workforce Survey found 88% of construction firms are having a hard time filling open positions. The ongoing talent shortage across the construction sector makes Culture of CARE a critical piece to the talent pool puzzle. Over time, activating a Culture of CARE could attract more talent than purchasing a booth at a job fair or placing an online advertisement, hence increasing return on equity. In this article, we will explore how construction companies leverage Culture of CARE to drive recruitment success through inclusion.

In part one of this series, we discussed best practices related to showing your commitment to Culture of CARE. To recap the four key components are: start at the top, create a dedicated CARE team, ignite and invite all key stakeholders, and partner with leadership or diversity consultants. In part two of this series, we will explore how Impact Champions, (this refers to AGC members who have taken the Culture of CARE pledge), use Culture of CARE to attract qualified talent. Read More….

Concrete Commitments: how to create a Culture of CARE

AGC Constructorcast

January 19, 2024

In this episode, we spotlight the transformative impact of a Culture of CARE’s two pivotal pillars: Commit and Empower, specifically in the context of fostering leadership and accountability within construction firms. You will hear from two leading construction firms who share how a steadfast commitment from leadership sets the stage for a culture of inclusion and belonging. We explore how empowering employees at all levels contributes to a sense of responsibility, aligning individual actions with organizational values. Join us to understand how cultivating leadership and accountability through a Culture of CARE not only enhances workplace inclusivity but also propels construction companies toward sustained success. Listen Now!

How to Create a Culture of CARE – Part 1

Commit to Employee Well-being: The Foundation of a Culture of CARE

January 1, 2024

When it comes to human capital, the industry cannot ignore the importance of caring for others. According to FMI’s 2023 Talent Study, over the next five years turnover rates are expected to be 28% among field managers and 22% among executives.

Prioritizing the well-being and development of employees is essential for long-term success in any industry. In the built environment it is mission critical. Fortunately, in 2019 the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) established Culture of CARE to provide the industry with answers on how to build a better culture committed to employee well-being to attract and retain current and future talent.

The Culture of CARE initiative includes a toolkit to guide companies on how to go beyond a check-the-box experience for making the commitment to CARE. The toolkit includes sample workplace policies, toolbox talks, an organizational assessment and many small informational resources (e.g., posters) to drive awareness and educate, especially on job sites. Some companies noted how this invites interest from other trades on a job site and from clients. Read More….

Culture of CARE Webinar Series (recorded)

From Pledge to Progress: Navigating the Journey to a Culture of CARE in COnstruction

October 16, 2023

Sponsored by Procore

This engaging four-part webinar series sponsored by Procore dives into AGC’s Culture of CARE program, exploring a unique theme in each of the four webinars. Join us as we look at Culture of CARE through the lenses of commitment & accountability, belonging, supplier diversity and workplace culture and how each of these themes contributes to fostering an inclusive workplace environment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain actionable insights and practical approaches to elevate your organization’s commitment to a Culture of CARE.

Building Inclusive Cultures & Company Success

AGC Constructorcast

October 2021


Although inclusive cultures offer clear benefits, companies still struggle with knowing how to cultivate the right culture for all their employees. On this episode, Mark Havens talks about how his organization WMFDP | FDP Global (White Men As Full Diversity Partners) transforms mindsets and behaviors to help organizations sustain truly inclusive cultures. We also talk with President & CEO of Clark Construction Company Sam Clark on how he learned the skills needed to build strong relationships, navigate difficult conversations and become an ally. AGC’s Brynn Huneke shares what AGC is doing to provide companies with training and resources that translate learning to action.

Building a Culture of CARE in Construction

AGC Constructorcast

March 2020


AGC’s Culture of CARE initiative is challenging leaders to take a bold and visible step towards ensuring their workplaces are welcoming, safe and inclusive for an increasingly diverse and talented pool of workers.

On this episode, our guests share how this important program got started, how it’s growing, how it’s benefiting contractors in the AGC family, and how more contractors can sign the pledge and get started.