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When I see people succeed in what they’re doing…that means I’ve done my job. You’re here 5 days a week, you need to be happy in what you’re doing and feel respected. The key to my successes are my people. Giving people the ability to speak and be diverse is the success of this business.

– Lloyd Malone III, Vice President, Tunista Construction

Talking about inclusion and diversity is one thing, but it has to be supported by your actions. And it has to be supported by every decision you make every day. If you tolerate something that isn’t consistent with your culture, you erode who you are as a company.

– Shannon Gustine, Director of Operations, Hensel Phelps

Sure, we solve problems and build buildings but it doesn’t happen if we aren’t building strong relationships. It takes teamwork to have successful projects.

– Kabri Lehrman-Schmid, Project Superintendent, Hensel Phelps

Be positive on purpose and then carry that onto the jobsite.

– Denis Gagne, Laborer Foreman, Hensel Phelps

It can be hard to wrap your arms around something as broad as diversity & inclusion. Culture of CARE really focuses on the unique challenges for construction. It takes the general concepts of D&I and distills them down to something that is industry specific and that a company can grab onto.

– Matt Osborne, President, Osborne Construction

I don’t feel alone on this job because everyone helps me. If I have a question, they take the time with me. I learn a lot. We feel like a family.

– Mohamed Aseeb, Foreman, Osborne Construction

I feel valued because they value my opinion. If I have something to say they actually listen to me.

– Construction Management Intern, Osborne Construction

It’s the approach. Everything is an observation, not an accusation. And then a recommendation. Being in the position of authority, I never want somebody to think I’m over exercising my authority because I care about people.

– David Morhead, Corporate Safety Manager, Osborne Construction

I think the importance of diversity & inclusion is the idea of different thought. If we have all the same thing, we get the same thing. If we get people with different thoughts and ideas, it’s more collaborative and more creative. it’s good to make sure we look like the community we live and work in.

– Sean Hilt, Vice President and Operations Manager, Turner Construction

If you’re doing things the same way that you did 20 years ago, we’ve got an issue. We need a fresh opinion and to get that we have to provide an environment where somebody can bring their full self. Where they feel comfortable voicing their opinion – even if they are a first-year apprentice – they have a say.

– Jeremy Taylor, EHS Manager, Turner Construction

It’s focused on creating an environment of CARE for our workers. We are trying to create a shift in the workforce where taking care of everyone is of utmost importance. If we care for our people the productivity will take care of itself.

– Chris Killian, Vice President and General Manager, Turner Construction

People feel more invested in something when they feel part of a team. By giving them respect and kindness, they feel that. They feel like they are doing a bigger thing and that’s what you want to do in construction.

– Chin Jewell, Engineer, Turner Construction

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