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Brent Darnell International

We have worked with every kind of company you can think of in the AEC industry from small firms to large multinationals, from architects to engineers and designers to contractors. We also work with many of the industry organizations such as AGC, DBIA, CURT, CII, COAA, CMAA to name a few.

NeuroLeadership Institute

Our customer base varies across all industries and companies of all sizes. We service local, national, and international companies.

White Men as Full Diversity Partners | Full Diversity Partners Global

We help the leaders of Fortune 1000+ companies lead effectively across difference to create inclusive teams and organizations that thrive. We do that by helping them navigate race, gender, sexual orientation and other dimensions of difference to build inclusive and equitable organizations. Our clients are often, but not always, 5k+ employees and can be global, … Continued

The Moxie Exchange

All enterprise companies of every size. We work with big and small from Fortune 500 to Teams of 20

Everyday Organizational Designs

Our clients span across various industries to include, professional services firms (law and accounting), consumer goods, technology, healthcare and municipalities and governmental agencies.

Elevate Communications, LLC

Elevate communications is a professional development and communication services company. We provide training, coaching, and consulting in the field of diversity, equity and inclusion. Our work serves corporations and individuals.

Blue Level Inc

Blue Level works with organizations ranging from 10 employees to 30,000 employees. The industries Blue Level serves the most include retail, banking, advertising, consumer goods, construction, real estate, law, healthcare, arts, and education.